My good friend Steve Hancock is pastor of Second Presbyterian in Little Rock. I worked with him for six months and found him to be one of the most capable ministers I have ever known. He writes the following in the church’s newsletter, and I thought it worthy of sharing with you…

Maya Angelou said she was amazed when people told her they were Christian. She said her first response to them was always the question, “Already?” Her meaning was this: it’s a lifelong endeavor, becoming a Christian.

She’s got a point. If we’re serious about living the Christ way, then it is a lifelong stretch—of learning, growing, failing, rising, revising; wonderful changes, difficult changes. One never stops becoming Christian.

But you have to start someplace. Though the path you walk with Jesus may be a lifetime long, you have to get on it somewhere.

There are different ways to begin the walk with Christ. Some people sit by the path for the longest time and look at it, study it, ponder it. Think maybe not, maybe so. Until finally they decide to step on to the road of relationship with Christ.

For others, it’s much more dramatic. It’s like they are seized and hauled up onto the road.

For others still, like me as a child, we were walking along in the love of our parents, our teachers, our friends, and one day we awakened to discover we were already on the path. And found our way to saying yes, this is what we want for the rest of our lives.

There are different ways to begin. It’s essential to keep becoming. But there has to be a beginning if there is to be a becoming.

Let’s continue to pray for one another and support each other in these difficult times. And remember, if you need us please don’t hesitate to let us know. After all, that’s a part of the journey.


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