Back in early March, I began synthesizing all of the information gleaned from the congregational conversations. I am now revisiting those distillations to help the transition team think about how to wrap up the transition facilitation process. The summarizations utilize the core values identified by the 2015 strategic planning process, as the congregational conversations reaffirmed those values. Over the next four weeks, I’ll offer a preview of my synthesis. (My final report will also include recommendations.) Today I’m sharing hospitality:

Hospitality – all are welcomed


  • Love one another well so that we can be ready to welcome others
  • Create new ways to bring people into church
  • Let newcomers know we are glad to see them via signage and personal touch
  • Prepare ourselves to love our next pastor (and family, if applicable)

Guiding questions in planning ministries

  • Whose needs might this ministry meet?
  • How might a newcomer find a way into this ministry?
  • What might we tweak the ministry and/or the space where it takes place to make it accessible to other demographics?
  • What would allow our new pastor to get off to the best possible start?


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