Greetings, all! I hope you were able to enjoy a rest from your labors this past weekend, and I look forward to seeing you in less than two weeks.

As the transition team continues to build relationships virtually in view of our training on September 14, I invite you to join us in mulling this week’s information and reflection prompt:

Transition facilitation aims to help congregations between settled ministers think deeply about five different focus points. In the leadership focus point, the church mulls its lay and staff leadership needs. Questions to address in this conversation might include:

  • Given the invitation(s) God is extending to us, what structures need to be in place so that we can be as faithful as possible?
  • How do our committees and boards relate to the vision we’ve discerned?
  • What talents, perspectives, expertise, and energy do we need on each of these working bodies?
  • How does the size of our structure fit both with who we are now and who we hope to be as a congregation?
  • How do we make decisions, including communicating before and after?
  • Whose voices are part of decision-making processes, and whose need to be included more intentionally?
  • Which leaders are ready for a rest? How might we celebrate their faithful work?
  • What would it take to mentor new leaders?
  • What/whose giftedness is currently underutilized?
  • As we look toward a pastor search, what skills and experience in a clergy leader would help the church fulfill its mission?
  • What kind of team (paid staff and volunteers) would best come alongside the pastor toward that end?

Thorough consideration of questions like these makes moving forward in God’s call more efficient and effective.

Reflection question/prayer prompt: What are the things we cannot imagine ever doing or not doing as a church?

Grace and peace,

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