Back in early March, I began synthesizing all of the information gleaned from the congregational conversations. I am now revisiting those distillations to help the transition team think about how to wrap up the transition facilitation process. The synthesis is organized using the core values identified by the 2015 strategic planning process, as the congregational conversations reaffirmed those values. Over the next few weeks, I’ll offer a preview of my synthesis. (My final report will also include recommendations.) Today I’m sharing community:

Service – all are served and given a chance to serve


  • Get to know people we share space with – from landlord/tenant to ministry partners
  • Consider best use of building in service to our church, partners, and community
  • Get in touch with our denominational identity
  • Offer cross-generational mission opportunities

Guiding questions for planning ministries

  • How might we involve our ministry partners in what we’re planning?
  • How might we show God’s love through what we are planning?
  • How is our campus serving our community well? How might it serve the community even better?
  • How is what we’re doing good news to CBF? How is what CBF doing good news to us?
  • What could it look like for our whole congregation to serve the community together?

The transition team met this past Sunday, and we are actively working on plans to bring closure to the transition facilitation process. Stay tuned for more details.


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