Back in early March, I began synthesizing all of the information gleaned from the congregational conversations. I am now revisiting those distillations to help the transition team think about how to wrap up the transition facilitation process. The synthesis is organized using the core values identified by the 2015 strategic planning process, as the congregational conversations reaffirmed those values. Over the next few weeks, I’ll offer a preview of my synthesis. (My final report will also include recommendations.) Today I’m sharing community:

Community – all are valued


  • Increase opportunities for interaction across groups and generations
  • Open the channels of communication between committees/leadership groups and congregation
  • Prepare ourselves to welcome the leadership of our new pastor
  • Make it possible for new groups to launch and stick
  • Notice who is falling through the cracks

Guiding questions in planning ministries

  • How might we get the whole church involved in – or at least informed about – this ministry?
  • What might God be up to through our new pastor?
  • Who might this ministry provide care to?
  • Who might not feeling cared for? What work needs to be done so that those people do have a source for care?


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