Janet and I had made plans to be gone May 17 and 24, to attend events surrounding our grandson’s high school graduation in Macon, Georgia, and to celebrate two birthdays (Janet’s and our daughter Emily’s). But, as with just about all things, Covid19 decided to intervene and change everyone’s schedule. So, unless things improve quickly and our world is opened up a bit where we can travel once again (which I doubt), we will continue to be present to you in worship until that happens. In that light, I have revised my sermon schedule through the month of May. Here it is, continuing our series on What Jesus Said…

April 26, 2020           Third Sunday of Easter
About Abundant Life
                                    John 10:1-10

May 3, 2020              Fourth Sunday of Easter
About the Fatherhood of God
                                    John 14:1-14

May 10, 2020            Fifth Sunday of Easter
About the Holy Spirit
                                    John 14:15-21

May 17, 2020            Sixth Sunday of Easter
About the Church
                                    John 17:1-11

May 24, 2020            Seventh Sunday of Easter
About Trust
                                    John 6:24-35

May 31, 2020            Pentecost Sunday
A Pentecost of Another Kind
                                    John 20:19-23

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