Prayer Garden

Like the churchyard cemetery of the past, the FBC Memorial Prayer Garden is a place of dignity and beauty, the final resting place for our loved ones, near the church sanctuary.

It provides a quiet and serene retreat for prayer, meditation, contemplation and remembrance. Within the garden is the Columbarium, a Memorial Wall and a Scatter Garden.

The options below in the FBC Memorial Prayer Garden are open to former and present church members. For more information, policies and prices, contact our Financial Administrator.


A Columbarium is a place where the cremated remains of loved ones are placed in a small compartment or “niche,” holding the urn of one of or two persons.

Memorial Wall

The Memorial Wall is a place where the names of loved ones interred elsewhere or the names of church members who wish to be remembered in this way can be inscribed. Also inscribed here will be the names of those whose ashes are placed in the Scatter Garden.

Scatter Garden

The Scatter Garden is a place where a person’s cremated remains can be scattered and returned to the ground. Unlike the ashes in a niche, these ashes placed in the Scatter Garden cannot be reclaimed.

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