It was our intention to phase into in-person worship by returning to the small group-led service in the sanctuary, to be broadcast on radio, and live-streamed on Facebook. And we did… for two Sundays. Reality has once again intervened, however, and we are going back to the remote/virtual format we have used since early April. It does indeed feel like one step forward, two steps back.

The overriding reason for this decision, suggested by the church staff and agreed to by our Re-Opening Task Force, has to do with the spikes in coronavirus cases. Though many groups and establishments have attempted to open to some degree, it is obvious that it isn’t working very successfully. Our major concern is the health and safety of our congregation. So, until the Covid-19 virus diminishes to a large degree, we will remain sheltering in place.

The other, but decidedly more minor reason, has to do with the quality of our live streaming. If you have watched, you have noted that the audio quality is not very good. That is because our sanctuary is so large, and the sound system, needed for our radio broadcast, disperses the sound from the microphone that accompanies our video. We have ordered equipment that will enable us to provide better sound and a more dynamic viewing of our worship services. However, everything is back-ordered and we don’t know when it will arrive. Until then, we feel the edited pre-recorded format is superior, even if not ideal.

I know that some of you may be unhappy and/or frustrated with this decision. You want to be back in worship with your friends. So do I. But we want to keep our folks safe and model best practices for this strange and difficult time in which we find ourselves. We ask for your patience, your understanding, and above all your prayers as we seek to do the right thing.



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