It was such a joy to be with you for the first congregational conversation of the transition facilitation process on Sunday!

There was great energy in the Fellowship Hall as people of all ages ate, filled in the timeline, and talked with one another. (Several participants mentioned to transition team members that they enjoyed getting to know people with whom they’d never spoken.) The timeline has been moved to the Welcome Center area, and you are encouraged to view it and to continue to add personal and congregational milestones to it.

In next week’s Table Talk I will link to a summary of the notes from the scribes at each table. On Sunday you will find the long-form version of the notes at the Welcome Center if you would like to read through them. Additionally, members of the transition team will be on hand in the Welcome Center during First Cup to answer any questions you might have about the transition facilitation process.

Many people contributed to the success of Sunday’s event. Thank you to the transition team for all their work preparing and cleaning up; to Bridget Ellis, Holly Hatton, and Kelly Street for invaluable staff support; to all of you who brought dishes and/or mementos to share; and to each and every participant for giving your time and discussing your experiences. Special appreciation is due to Skip Howard, church archivist, for putting together a wonderful display of pictures and artifacts from FBC’s history.

Mark your calendars from October 27, when we will gather again for lunch, conversation, and fun. Look for more details in next week’s Table Talk!

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