Our next congregational conversation will take place on October 27 in the Fellowship Hall from noon-2 pm (following Children’s Sabbath, which I am very excited about!).

We will have a Potato and Salad Bar for lunch. The church will provide potatoes and salad greens for the meal. We are asking our members to bring the following items according to the first letter of your last name:

  • A-J: desserts;
  • K-R: cold salads (pasta, fruit, etc.);
  • S-Z: salad and potato toppings (shredded cheese, sour cream, bacon, etc.) and dressings for salad

Volunteers are needed to help in the kitchen before and after lunch. If you can assist, please contact Robin Miller.

Childcare will be available. Please RSVP to Holly Hatton to reserve your child’s spot. Parents will be invited to drop their kids off at the playground following lunch.

The topic for this congregational conversation will be connections. In transition facilitation, often this focus point is centered on denominational ties. The transition team has named the need for FBC to learn more about the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and what it does at the state and global levels. Taking our lead from the first congregational conversation, however, the discussion prompts will center on finding out where participants feel connected at FBC and in the community and where they sense disconnect. Additionally, the team will solicit ideas for how those gaps might be bridged.

The transition team is excited about this event and your engagement in it! Feel free to contact your transition team members or me (reverendlaura (at) gmail (dot) com) with any thoughts or questions.

Grace and peace, Laura

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