Missions Week

Every November First Baptist Church of Memphis dedicates a week to emphasizing and serving our Missions Partners.

Missions Week at Thanksgiving, November 15-22

November Missions Moments

In a time of Covid-19 disruption, you may wonder how missions work would even be possible?

These uncertain times, however, can make our efforts even more fruitful. As those in our community grapple with fear and uncertainty, our grounded faith in Christ can make our labors even more impactful. As we all reprioritize and evaluate what is important in our lives, let us use this extra time to reach out to others.

For Missions Week 2020, November 15-22 use the following as your Missions Moments for the month:

  • Praying—pray for others, naming those who are hurting
  • Giving—find small ways to give to others, leave encouraging messages, look for small tokens that could bring someone a smile
  • Doing—pick up groceries for someone, clean up someone’s leaves
  • Connecting—use social media! Let someone know you are thinking of them, or pick up the phone and give someone a call (since you have the time!)

I don’t know about you, but this time of reflection has actually been good for me. Having to stop being so busy and stay home has given me time to think. Choosing how I will react when things return to “normal” is a concern I’m trying to think through now. What do you want to keep from this time as a new priority for the future?

Thank you,

Cherish Mathis
Missions Committee Chair


2020-2021 Missions Allocations*

2020-2021 Goal: $28,000

25%: South Africa Network

75%: Regional/Local Missions

  • Arkwings
  • Bridges Memphis
  • Caritas
  • Church Health Center
  • Crosslink
  • Hospitality Hub
  • First International Church Memphis
  • Lifeline to Success
  • MIFA
  • Rachel’s Kids
  • Samaritan Counseling Center
  • TN CBF Missions (Delta Hands for Hope)     

*Based on the example provided by CBF, we will continue to include volunteer hours in our mission offering. Partnership with other local ministries includes our personal participation in their ministry. Your designated gifts will continue to be sent to the recipient of your choice.


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