In the children’s book The Invisible String by Patrice Karst, a mother reassures her kids that even when they are physically apart, they are connected by a thread they cannot see: “You know we’re always together, no matter what.”

This is not a religious book, yet I think it illustrates well what the Holy Spirit does for us. She binds us together across space and even time. She comforts our anxieties. She offers us the courage to live in the present and to envision the future. She points us toward peace.

What a good reminder for our current circumstances! Though our interactions might be different or limited, in God we remain connected. Though the future might seem less than certain, the Holy Spirit is among us, prodding us to do the next right thing.

Jesus’ followers couldn’t know on Pentecost all that we do now. We cannot know what those who come after us will. But the Holy Spirit, still swooping among us and setting our hearts afire, remains constant.


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