Resilience, as I define it, is the ability to withstand (and possibly even thrive) in the midst of all kinds of stress. All of us are under stress in our new reality, so what do we need in order to increase our resilience? A key factor is our sense of purpose. What gets us up in the mornings, particularly when we can’t see much point or we’re so exhausted? Most often we think of our purpose as tied to our vocation. That might be your case, but it doesn’t have to be. Your purpose could be to bring more joy to the world through play, to make the world more beautiful by planting flowers, or to let others know they are loved by making phone calls or sending cards. Once you’ve named your purpose, feel free to set aside non-essential tasks that don’t fit into it. Didn’t finish the laundry today? That’s ok. Kids are eating cereal for dinner again? Hey, they’re fed. Inbox is bursting at the seams? Well, if those emails were truly urgent, they would have been phone calls or texts.

You are resilient. You are enough. Be well.




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