We’re about two months into living with the effects of Covid-19. I am weary. I know you are too. And yet, there have been gifts in this time. I have spent less money. I have reclaimed some creativity. I have spent more time outside than I have in years, which has allowed me to meet neighbors I previously hadn’t – from a safe distance, of course. I have seen the resilience of my child over and over, and we’ve had good conversations about hard things.

This season has not been easy, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. But when I’m able to think out of gratitude and abundance, I function from a much different space. So where have you found glimpses of grace amidst the challenge? How might you make those gifts – rather than all that has been lost – your baseline? This perspective shift is not to deny the very real need to lament. It is, though, a way to move ahead with openness to all God might offer to us.


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