Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the collated responses from the February 23 congregational conversation in advance of our final gathering on March 29. Below you will find your thoughts around the question, “What keeps people at FBC despite the challenges?”


  • Sunday School classes
  • Family
  • Friends
  • General atmosphere of care
  • Intentional communication with homebound (choir) and people with birthdays (Baptist women)

Diversity of thought – enjoy being challenged/stretched in conversation

Mission/desire to serve

  • Hands-on involvement
  • Partnerships
  • Missions giving


  • Proximity to home
  • Get picked up for church
  • Prime location for missions


  • My kids love it here
  • I love seeing all the children here

Grass isn’t greener elsewhere – every church has conflict

Hope for future

  • Church is still here despite challenges
  • We keep moving forward
  • Feeling of acceptance
  • Through theology
  • Through relationships

“My kind of Baptist”

  • Welcoming and affirming
  • Women in leadership
  • Bible-based
  • Welcoming of different opinions

Spiritual opportunities –> help me keep perspective

  • Sunday School
  • Worship
  • Missions

Similarity of belief

God is here

  • Felt through worship
  • Felt through differences
  • Felt through relationships
  • Felt through still, small voice

Worship style

  • Traditional
  • Lectionary preaching
  • Great music

History with church

  • Been here a long time
  • Feels like home
  • Coming is part of my routine
  • Great memories

As you can see, there are many reasons that people continue to claim FBC as their church home. These connecting points cover beliefs, practices, relationships, practicalities, and more, and all offer common ground on which the church can build. At the March 29 congregational conversation, the transition team will be sharing some ideas and dreams based on the above as well as all that the team has heard throughout the transition facilitation process. Please mark your calendars for a day of celebration and looking ahead.


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