This year for Lent, we are offering two Lenten devotional guides from Salt Project. One is for individual use and one is for families. They will be available, beginning Sunday, February 23, in the Welcome Center.

Wendell Berry and the Sabbath Poetry of Lent

The whole earth is at rest, and is quiet: they break forth into singing.—Isaiah 14:7

In this Lenten devotional, biblical texts and simple, accessible practices walk hand-in-hand with Wendell Berry’s poetic vision of sabbath and the natural world. All you’ll need is your favorite Bible and Wendell Berry’s This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems.

Week by week, we’ll walk through the woods together toward Easter morning, keeping sabbath as we go—with Wendell Berry as our guide.

40-Day “Love Builds Up” Lenten Family Challenge

SALT’s “40-Day ‘Love Builds Up’ Family Challenge” is the perfect way for families of all shapes and sizes to strengthen spiritual muscles and emotional health during Lent. We could all use a little training – and a little practice!

Here’s the challenge: For each of the six weeks of Lent, spend some time at the beginning of the week (Sunday night, maybe?) reading that week’s Bible passage together.

Talk as a family about the suggested topic, using the devotional’s optional conversation prompts if you like.

Commit to taking on an action or practice for that week – and then just watch as the Realm of God fills, strengthens, and beautifies your house and the world!

You can also download an electronic copy of Lent or 40-Day ‘Love Builds Up’ Family Challenge.

Daily Lenten Reflections for Connect 4 SS Class

A daily Lenten reflections blog, created by a Connect 4 SS teacher, can be view here. A new post will be published daily.

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