Each week the Transition Team is doing intentional team-building by email. This will allow us to hit the ground running at our all-day team training on September 14. We hope you will bring a dish and your stories about FBC to the first congregational conversation on Sunday, September 29, from noon-2 pm in the Fellowship Hall.

In the meantime, each week I’d like to share a few thoughts and a question for reflection. You can mull these individually. They would also be great fodder for discussion in your Sunday School class or small group. Here is this week’s offering:

Transition times provide opportunities for congregations to think about what they would like to be different in the future: “What results are we seeking?” Sometimes the response to this question, however, is frustration. “We have tried X and Y and Z in the past, and nothing has worked.”

This is why I find the Results Cycle (developed by Thomas Crane in The Heart of Coaching) so helpful. In this model, what I believe determines how I act, which influences the quality of my relationships, which affects outcomes, that reinforce my beliefs. In order to switch up our results, then, we have to make a change earlier in the cycle. That might mean building trust and sharing more openly with others. It might involve doing something differently. It might call for a perspective shift.

During transitions, much is up in the air, causing this season to be a great one for examining where the cycle needs to be tweaked in order to live fully into God’s call.

Reflection questions: What are the stories we tell about our church? How do they affect engagement, spiritual growth, and service to others?

Grace and peace,
Laura Stephens-Reed

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