Mark September 29 on your calendars for the first congregational conversation! More details will be coming soon. In the meantime, each week I’d like to share a few thoughts and a question for reflection. Here are this week’s offerings:

The time between settled pastors is a transition time. A significant change has occurred with the departure of the former pastor, and this change calls for an internal shift. At the congregational level, this shift centers on the question, “Who are we apart from the vision, personality, and gifts of our former leader?” At an individual level, the shift is more about acknowledging how my relationships with the church and with God were affected by my pastor and what recalibrations I now need to make.

Transition times are not usually very comfortable because they are the middle ground between what was and what is yet to come. There is no going back, and there is work to do before a new way of being is discerned. This in-between space is holy ground. We are more aware than usual that we need God’s guidance. We work harder to seek it out. We are more willing to act on it, despite our fears. And in this process of re-locating ourselves properly in the order of things, we open ourselves – individually and collectively – to the possibility of transformation.

Reflection question: When have you been most confident that God was moving in and through FBC Memphis?

Grace and peace,
Laura Stephens-Reed

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