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FBC’s Giving Options

During these uncertain times, First Baptist plans to be there for each of its families by providing ministerial guidance, spiritual comfort and leadership, connecting our members to each other, and more.

As well, First Baptist needs your help. The church needs all those that are still able, to continue your financial support so to continue its ministries. Though we are not physically worshipping together during the week and on Sundays allowing you the opportunity to place your gifts in an offering plate, your support can be easily sent to FBC through online banking or set up as an Automatic Payments (ACH) from your bank account or credit card.

If you already pay your household bills through online banking, you can simply add First Baptist Church as a new additional payee. The address you would use for payment is 200 E. Parkway N., Memphis, TN 38112. Phone # 901-454-1131. You will need to put your FBC member envelope number in as your payee account number. If you do not know your member envelope number, email Lisa Butts at and she will send it to you. You can put in an amount to send automatically each time period (you decide the time period), or you can simply go in each week/month/etc., and have the amount sent to us just as you would other bills.

For those who would prefer to have an automatic payment set-up from your bank account or credit card, you can print out this ACH Form, complete it, sign, and return to the Finance Office at FBC, 200 E. Parkway N., Memphis, TN 38112. The form will lead you through completion. You have the option of specifying what account you want to the amount to be deducted from, how much, how often, and whether or not you want an ending date or until otherwise notified. Once Lisa receives your form, she will read it over and call you if there are any questions.

If anyone has questions concerning these giving methods. Please email her.

God Bless and stay healthy!


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