There is something about this time of year.

I’m a sucker for a good light display, and the shorter days give me more opportunity to delight in candles and Christmas trees and Clark Griswold-type house decorations.

My favorite flavor combination is chocolate and mint, and December is THE prime time for peppermint hot chocolate. My son sees the magic in this season, which brings out the kid in me.

But above all, I love this time of year because it is sacred. It is all about the difficult journey of people voted “most unlikely to parent the Savior of the world,” to a previously unknown location, so that they can usher hope into a world desperately seeking it.

This year, Advent coincides with FBC’s own journey.

Over these past few months you – a resilient bunch if there ever was one – have been willing to discuss the church’s gifts and challenges. Because of your “yes,” First Baptist is moving a little further down the road to a destination that is not yet completely clear. It is, though, pointed toward hope, toward ever more fully embodying Christ’s love for a community (local and global) crying out for it.

So I encourage you to settle into the progression of Advent. Don’t rush it. It is just where the church needs to be right now. Because hope is on the horizon, whether or not we can yet see it. God is at work unfolding a faith-filled future. May we continue to tune our senses to its frequency, and follow where it leads. I look forward to seeing you again during the season of Epiphany when the church considers what the birth of hope into our mortal realm means for who we are and what we do.

Grace and peace,

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