Next Sunday, February 23, the transition team invites you to the Fellowship Hall at noon for lunch and a future-oriented conversation that builds on last month’s congregational conversation. (Even if you didn’t participate in January, you are encouraged to join in this gathering!) After lunch we will have discuss the following questions around the tables:

  • How could we listen more fully to one another?
  • What keeps us together despite our differences?
  • How might we build on these areas of common ground?
  • How am I personally willing to participate in building on common ground?

A lunch of lasagna will be provided. We are asking Sunday School classes to provide the following items for lunch:

  • Adult 6 Department: salad items (lettuce, cheese, salad dressing-ranch not needed, etc.)
  • Connect 4: salad items (lettuce, cheese, salad dressing-ranch not needed, etc.) or bread (rolls, baguettes, etc.)
  • First Friends: desserts
  • Religion 101: bread (rolls, baguettes, etc.)
  • Women of Faith: desserts

If you have any questions, please contact any member of the transition team (Shawn Hawkins, Mike Ward, Sally Smith, David Weatherspoon, Gloria Hodges, April Blankenship, Cherish Mathis, Robin Miller) or me (


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