Y’all, I cannot tell you how distressed I was at having to cancel our Easter Egg Hunt this year. I just kept thinking, “It won’t feel like Easter without it!”

Next came the pressure of feeling like I had to make that up to our families in some way, and I wrestled with how best to provide Easter fun without 1) overwhelming families already loaded with work/school work and stress, and 2) setting a good example regarding our Shelter in Place rules.

Conversations were had with a couple of my families about what they would like to see and one response kept popping up over and over; The Duck and The Bunny. These two old, worn, somewhat creepy characters from our annual egg hunt (they are lovingly referred to as the “the scary duck and rabbit”) were what people most wanted to see.

So, I asked the Wright boys to “suit up” and we took pictures and videos to post for our church family. I got tickled when Susan Weaver saw the pictures and asked: “Did we get a new bunny costume?!” I said “Nope. We’re just so happy to see that old rabbit that it looks better than ever!”

Then, from the safety of our homes, at the end of our Zoom Family Worship Saturday night, the bunny and the duck joined us for silly songs and a dance party. And, you know what? It was just as fun and joyful as a big elaborate egg hunt. Easter joy was just a matter of all of us being together, giggling and wiggling with these two old furry friends. I hope these pictures bring you a little of that Easter joy!


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