Advent Devotional: Fourth Sunday of Advent

John 1:1-5, 10-14

This Sunday we will travel all the way back to the beginning of time… when there was nothing but God, wisdom, and the word. We’ll go back with John to when God got creative and spoke this world into being—filling it with life and light and delighting in every bit of it. We will go all the way back to the beginning because John’s birth narrative doesn’t begin with the birth of Jesus, but it begins with the birth of the world.

I wrote about the Godly Play curriculum in my last devotion, and it’s come to mind for me again.

The Godly Play Creation story begins like this… did you know that there are presents so big that nobody notices them? They are so huge that they are hard to see. They are so hard to see that the only way to know they are there is to go clear back to the beginning.

And the Advent story is similar. It goes something like this…

Sometimes, people walk right through a mystery and don’t even know it’s thee. This time of year you will see people hurrying in the malls, buying things, decorating their homes, rushing to do this and that, but they miss the Mystery of Christmas…

John’s gospel takes us all the way back to the beginning and very quickly warns us, “the word came into the world he gave life to; yet the world did not recognize him. John warns us… the word came into the world and the world missed it. Then he gets to the business of unfolding the story for us so that we won’t miss it too.

This Advent season, let us all take time to watch and listen, to pay attention to what God is doing among us.

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