I write this, not knowing the subject of Laura Stephens-Reed’s contribution to this issue of Table Talk. It’s quite possible I am stealing some of her thunder. But I will say this: I am impressed with the way Laura has hung in with us during a trying, not to mention protracted, time. Hats off to my wonderful and most capable colleague.

This Sunday brings us to our final congregational conversation. Unfortunately, as with most things these last eight months, we find ourselves having to do so virtually. Ideally, we would gather together in one place and talk with each other… and possibly over one another! But, it is felt, appropriately, by the church’s leadership that we get on with the business set before us, mainly the establishment of a pastor search committee. And, in doing so, we must use the means that are available to us. Right now, that means Zoom!

We do not find ourselves in the ideal environment for doing so, but I am convinced of this: the church historically has done her best work when the times were the hardest. I am confident you will choose the best people to serve on the committee, and even more so that this group will be, when the time is right, presenting the best pastoral candidate to the church.

A process and a  timeline will be established soon, and you will be apprised of what and when they are. In the meantime, please be in prayer for our transition team, under Laura’s leadership, the soon-to-be-determined search committee, and all your fellow church members as we do the hard but important work of being the church God has called us to be.


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