Since a return to in-person gathering is not imminent, I have begun reviewing my notes from all of our congregational conversations as I along with Randy, Shawn Hawkins (as transition team chair), and the rest of the transition team prepare to think about how to wrap up the process. As I read, I can almost hear the buzz and see the smiles prompted by talking around the tables with fellow church members you already knew well – and those you didn’t. I can feel the depth of emotion expressed when we gathered in a circle to talk about hurts and hopes. I can remember the pride at what FBC has done and represented. I can sense the excitement that God is at work among the people of FBC, offering invitations to show Christ’s love in current and new ways in Midtown and beyond.

You as a church have done such good, hard work! The team will be planning ways to recap all of that work and celebrate it. Stay tuned.


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