Many of us are now about six weeks into sheltering in place.

What at first, looked like it might be a brief period of isolation and routine disruption has stretched into something longer and more open-ended. What are you doing to care for yourself during this challenging time? For some people, the biggest difficulty is that there is too much time, unfilled by the people and activities that usually bring us joy. For others, the hard part is that there is not much time for self-care because we are juggling too many responsibilities.

In either case, a few minutes of a practice that uses a different side of our brain or re-orients us toward gratitude can make a big difference. The two practices that have kept me going have been walking in my neighborhood each afternoon (thank goodness for mild weather!), creating for 15-30 minutes each day using paint by number kits, and keeping in better touch with family. Yours might be watering your garden, writing notes to friends, or striking a few yoga poses. Whatever you choose, know that this is time well spent. Caring for yourself honors the image of God within and enables you to keep sharing Christ’s love with others. Be well, my friends.


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