Though we typically call the culmination of Holy Week “Easter,” it is actually the first Sunday of an entire Easter season. The scriptures for those Sundays all the way up to the ascension of Jesus are about the disciples persisting in a holding pattern. Jesus is still with his disciples, but not constantly or in the same way. The Church as we know it has not begun to emerge. The Holy Spirit is waiting on her cue to swoop down an inhabit the believers at Pentecost.

All of us can relate right now to that reality – things aren’t weren’t they were, and they’re not yet what they will be. This is true for individuals and for groups (including congregations!). It is also true for processes. I want to assure you that the transition facilitation process is not over. I am looking forward to the day when I can be among you again. I don’t yet know when that will be or what exactly it will look like because COVID-19 is calling upon us all to be nimble and creative. But we know from the season of Easter that as Jesus-followers we can wait for whatever will be with hope and with the confidence that God is with us in the challenges that await.

Peace be with you and stay well.


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