One of the graces of this challenging season is that I can now – thanks to services being broadcast by various means – experience worship I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. So on March 22, I was very excited to stream ESPN 92.9 FM online, only to find the regular sports programming instead of the FBC Memphis worship service. I’ve heard that a number of you, also unable to hear the service by computer, sat in your cars that morning to worship with your church. (I love that!)

I got a heads up that the station was streaming worship this past Sunday, though, and it did my soul so much good to listen to Randy’s sermon, Tom’s prayer, the beautiful music, and scripture read in multiple voices. I was thankful to worship with you as planned, even if we couldn’t gather in person for our congregational conversation.

I look forward to that time when I can be among you again. In the meantime, I am praying for you. I am also enjoying reading about the creative ways you and the staff are using to stay connected as a community; these are some of the signs of life that Randy alluded to in his powerful message on Sunday.


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