It is my hope that this week’s Table Talk finds you healthy… and at home! As you might imagine, your church staff has been working behind the scenes on keeping our congregation as connected as possible. We did that last Sunday with our radio broadcast. Did you hear it? If not, you can still do so by clicking on this link or on our Facebook page.

Our plan is to provide a broadcast again this Sunday in the same manner as before. A handful of us will gather in the sanctuary for the fifth Sunday in Lent, focusing on the theme What Jesus Said… About the Resurrection and the Life. I want to express my gratitude to Dennis McDuffie, Holly Hatton, Aaron Foster, David Córdoba Hernandez, Tom Marchand, Cathy Wilhelm, Trudy and Ray Hatton, and Harold Weaver for their willingness to do this.

We are not sure, however, as information comes to us, and seems to change daily, that we will be able to continue leading worship as we are doing right now. In an effort to “flatten the curve,” we want to do the responsible thing. Right now, we are told not to congregate in groups numbering more than ten. It’s possible the number might be reduced to even less.

I am writing this piece Wednesday morning. Tonight, I will participate in a Zoom conference call with some of the more technologically savvy folk in our church to discuss how we might go forward by doing a remote feed. If you don’t know what Zoom is, it is a way of communicating visually on-line. And if that explanation doesn’t clarify it for you, please don’t feel bad. Prior to last week, I didn’t know what Zoom is either!

If our approach to remote worship should change, we will let you know as soon as possible. Without trying to sound condescending, I am aware that our more elderly members depend largely on our radio broadcasts for worship opportunities. Our younger folk can access the web, as they have already done under Holly Hatton’s leadership. In other words, our need to communicate is on different levels. Responding to those various levels is a challenge, and we’re working on it diligently.

This is what I ask of you… Pray for us that we might do the right thing, please be patient with us as we try to discern what the right thing is, stay in touch with us as best you can while knowing that we are trying to do that with you, and be aware that our being together while also alone is our way of protecting you and loving you.

God bless.

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