We prefer to be patient on our own terms. What I mean is that we want it to be our virtue, something we produce ourselves and not that which is forced upon us. In other words, we would like for patience to be something that comes from within, not from without. Unfortunately, that is not the case these days. Whatever patience we have, we must have, in order to get through this current pandemic.

Your church staff finds itself these days in the fairly uncomfortable position of having to ask for your patience, knowing that the twin virtue that goes along with such patience is understanding.

My guess is that the one thing you miss the most when it comes to your involvement in our church, is worship… and, of course, the fellowship that goes along with it. You miss your friends, the opportunity to study scripture together, sing (even if you don’t consider that your strong suit!), confess and forgive, hear and practice your faith together. You are impatient to return to your routine of doing all this.

Consider the whole of scripture, and I think what you will find is that the people of God live most of their lives in the meantime. We are always looking and hoping for better days, are not satisfied with where we have been and certainly with where we are. Scripture points the way, and this pandemic puts that into sharper focus. If there was ever a time we lived in the meantime, it is now. Patience is not easy, but it is required… of all of us.

So what do we do with this meantime? In regard to worship, we are attempting to provide a worship experience for and with you. It is not ideal. For example, I don’t particularly enjoy preaching to an empty 1600 seat sanctuary. Now, I find myself preaching to an iPhone in my upstairs study! But, I also do my best to picture all of you as I’m doing so, understanding that one day we will be able to be together again. In the meantime, we offer worship experiences for you by means of…

Radio (audio) broadcasts on ESPN 680 AM and 92.9 FM
Facebook (video and audio) at 11:00 each Sunday
YouTube (video and audio)
The Facebook and YouTube video versions are available after the 11:00 hour as well and are posted on our church’s website at www.fbcmemphis.org. You can view these any time you wish.

Every day I hear stories of those who have contacted fellow parishioners, especially those who are going through difficult experiences. It warms my heart to know that you care. Oh, by the way, that is the third element of this trinity: caring. Patience, understanding, caring. It makes for a healthy church, don’t you think?

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