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Young 3 – Frogs

The three-year-old class, better known as “The Frogs,” is typically for children who are either three or almost three-years-old at the start of the school year. As in all classes, the children in our room display varying levels of skill across the board. Depending on what they have been most interested in exploring the previous year, each child will excel in some things and know very little of others. Some children will choose to spend most of their free time drawing detailed pictures (or even writing!), but lack the gross motor development to dress themselves. Some children struggle to listen to one or two pages of a read-aloud story but can spend long stretches of time concentrating on large and complicated puzzles. Some can verbalize their feelings and carry on long, adult-like conversations, but recognize very little of the alphabet. Some are inquisitive, adventurous, proficient and motivated people, but have trouble getting along with peers. The list of differences in our children goes on and on, and therefore the teaching in this classroom requires a great deal of flexibility in order to reach each child socially, emotionally, physically, and academically according to their individual strengths and interests. We have a detailed list of yearly goals for our class, but it can be simply summed up in this main idea: to cultivate the whole child, patiently helping them develop the skills they lack while encouraging them further in their strengths, in order to foster in each child a true love of learning that will set the stage for their primary school years. 

Teachers: Ms. Emily Breckenridge and Ms. Lisa Zapien

200 East Parkway North, Memphis TN 38112
Office: 901.458.8212 ⋅ Facebook
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